The start of a new chapter

After a couple of years in the wedding industry, with plenty ups and downs, I decided to start over. Well, not entirely over, but I have made A LOT of changes. New branding, new website, some exciting new wedding collections and many more options to share. Looking back on the last two years of being a wedding photographer, I have certainly grew stronger. There was so many things I had to learn, by stepping up my game and become more confident in my love for capturing people. I had to learn new skill, dealing with really really negative situations. And I am still learning each and every day!

I am grateful for the people I got to share a journey with, the people who really encouraged me to never give up. I am grateful for the ones who became my friends and the ones who just taught me so much about life. I will forever keep them in my heart.

Each and every story I capture, is about seeing the deeper story. It's about the who and the why. The love behind the lens. For me it's really just about how things feel in life. I'm an old school person, but definitely not an old-school type of photographer. My approach is easy going, it's about capturing the REAL laughs, the REAL fun moments, the moods, the sunsets, the detail. I will maybe have you pose for a photo or two, but I promise you that 97% of your entire session will be about the capturing of moments.

This blogging thing is a little new to me, but I'm on a new adventure , will be sharing a lot of stuff here. ;) Some tips and not to's, some ideas, ahhh just fun, nice, life goals stuff!

I'm excited to see what this journey holds!