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Mooistevrou is a platform for women empowerment and motivation. We focus on self-love, vision, perspective and supporting other women in the business industry. Our goal is to focus on implementing business and women empowerment from a Biblical perspective, rather than from how the world will see it. We offer all kinds of resources as well as goods such as our own wedding planner, featuring some of my work. It is a perfect gift for a newly engaged lady!

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Because we focus so much on supporting other women especially in the wedding industry, we LOVE collaborations. We plan style shoots with specific concepts and ideas and provide opportunities to women (and men) to present their work from time to time - for this, all of them receive constant publicity on our social media platforms and website.

If you'd like to collab please fill in our website form and we will reply to you soonest - https://www.mooistevrou.com/creatives

Our beautiful wedding planner

Available in English soon

Wedding photography & wedding planner

Wedding photography & wedding planner

Receive our beautiful planner when you book collection 3 or 4.

Receive our beautiful planner when you book collection 3 or 4.

When booking our collection 3 or 4, you will receive our beautiful wedding planner as a gift from us.

The planner includes:
Monthly Overview
Self Reflection & vision board
Hardcover thread sewn & FULL COLOR, 440 pages
Plan your HONEYMOON!
Space holder ribbon
Included in the Mooistevrou box - Card + Mooistevrou pen