Welcome Friend, I am Adelé De Bruyn

Meet the Photographer

I have a big white and ginger fluff ball, which I adore with my whole heart! Jip, he's a cat, a huge cat who could probably be a human being for all I know. I'm a big lover of country music. There's something to it, you know. Must be the real stories behind it, the sincere love, the deep words. It's as though I imagine the authentic moments between two people like I can sense or feel the emotions, almost like in a cinematic film. I guess I could say I'm such a hopeless romantic. Me, my cat, and my dreaming.

I grew up in the big Gauteng but relocated plenty of times. Since I can remember Pretoria was always my hometown. Now years later, I'm situated in Cape Town - and yet, still traveling.

My upbringing encouraged me to find the beauty in every day and it taught me to work VERY HARD, yet always stay humble. I have shared in circumstances that have made me laugh and also cried, but I'm still amazed how God could make something so beautiful and make life turn around for you, regardless of who you are or what you went through.

I'm deeply fascinated by life and the realness of heartfelt moments. There's nothing more valuable than the pureness of a beautiful heart. So in between life, coffee shops, and reading quotes, you'll find me photographing a beautiful story somewhere in the world. For me, it's really just about how things feel in life, rather than how it looks.

I could share a lot more, but let's just say I'm simply excited to meet you and I would absolutely enjoy capturing your story. You can trust that I'm a person who is deeply invested and I want you to feel relaxed and really enjoy the experience with me.

If you like randomness and taking risks, the embracing of your loved one, or just simply in love with nature and photography, then please say hi!

Why do you love to photograph people? Me: "Because you don't just take a photograph you get to capture their soul.