Just a kind note to all my clients and everyone facing this pandemic. Please stay calm & focused, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. You are my priority and I will help wherever & whenever I possibly can! I truly understand what stressful situation this is. I will be honoring my client’s wishes to change/postpone dates without penalty, should it be necessary. COVID-19 is not anyone’s fault, and as such, I will be allowing clients to move their date (ideally within 2020/2021). All future dates are subject to availability, and weekdays are encouraged. As stated in my agreement, there will unfortunately be no full refunds, refunds will be calculated on a scale and a fair percentage will be refunded. So far weddings and sessions will continue as per scheduled date (and prior to permission). Should you have any of the symptoms or should you have any type of flu, I do recommend that we postpone our session to a later date, ensuring that everyone stay unaffected. My client's safety and health is my first priority and will do anything to encourage that. Let's pray and hope that everyone will be untouched by this virus, and stay unaffected for the time to come.

Thank you for each one of you for your understanding, care and support.

Stay calm, Do what you have to, And PRAY.

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